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Billy is now using a Burton Yirdaki (Didj), along with his traditional pieces made by Ngongu Ganambarr,

Djalu Gurruwirri and family. Plus a fierce and raspy G yirdaki by Mallee.

Nathan Burton makes high quality and extremely resonant yirdaki, and spent a year plus in the distant past, learning some of his craft from Djalu.

The yirdaki (didj) originated from Arhemland in the Northern Terratories. Djalu Gurruwirri is a senior lawman and custodian of the yirdaki.  Click on the picture links to find out more about Nathan Burton & Djalu. Plus Billy's two favourite european yirdaki stores.

Djalu Gurruwirri

aboriginalarts aboriginalarts

History & Background

of the Didjeridoo / Yirdaki

Aboriginal Culture & History


Explains all questions regarding

what didj to use for certain

sounds and styles.

Great store too!


Ngongu Ganambarr